What’s Trending This Summer 2017?

The best thing about fashion is that it never ends! This ever-changing market is always innovating, creating and experimenting with new textures and colors, and at A Better You we are experts at finding the way to Empower Your Essence, so… What’s trending this summer? Let’s find out!

Makeup trends for this summer. “What are we going to do with the eyes this season?” is one of the most common questions asked in any beauty salon, and at A Better You we are excited to tell you that this summer season your eyes are going to look more alive than ever. These 2017 trends include silver sparkled eyes, bold(er than ever) eyeliner, neon-colored eyes, and striking colors like sunset orange, strawberry red and yellow. Don’t be afraid to fool around with colors on your eyes or lips. If you’re choosing a dominant color for your outfit, make sure you combine nails with eyeshadows, or nails with lips. Glittery lips make your entire outfit look much better and elegant during the night, but if you want to look fresh and pretty during the day, natural pink lips with clear gloss is what you’re aiming for. If you don’t feel like wearing glitter on your mouth, you can try a bolder look with gothic violet lips with a little highlight in the center.

Hair trends for this summer. “I feel like my hair needs a fresh start, what should I do?” many clients ask to our professionals, and we always answer the same thing: “tell me a little bit about yourself and let’s make sure your hair reflects exactly what you are like inside!” Do you consider yourself fresh, fancy, bohemian, bold or all-natural? Well… this summer, some old trends are coming back, and some of them are classics like the mushroom haircut from the 70s, micro plaits on straightened hair for a bohemian look, and high ponytails if you are feeling fancier.

Nail trends for this summer. Nails are small canvases, and stylists from around the world have always managed to dazzle everyone with small touches of genius. This summer, some trends are coming back, others have been around for over a year, and some new trends are giving a lot to talk about. This season, a variety of colors are taking charge, but one of our absolute favorites are the matte metallic; they look absolutely gorgeous on any woman, and they are the perfect complement for any outfit. Red, burgundy and pink nails are also trending like they never had before; keeping oval shapes and almond shapes, some stylists are using jewelry over a solid color. Of course, French manicure will always be around, but adding a little twist will do the trick if you want to dazzle everyone this season. Another trend for this summer season are the midnight nails, they give an elegant look with their dark colors (violet, dark blue, dark grey and black) with little details in similar hues. Another trend we are madly in love with is the glittery cuticles; little details of shiny polish only in the cuticle with a contrasting solid color on the nail. Summer 2017 is all about letting your imagination fly and trying to scream to the world who you really are with your nails!

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