Feel Beautiful, Look Beautiful (Even While Being Pregnant!)

Feel Beautiful even while being pregnant!

There are so many myths and misconceptions about getting beauty treatments while being pregnant. Here, we are going to try to clarify some basics, what’s safe and what should be avoided. Of course, we start this post with the most important thing you need to do: without exception, consult your doctor if you have any doubts.

To get started, let’s mention a few basics you always need to take into consideration:

- Keep your body temperature under 102 degrees (Farenheit). This means trying to avoid tanning beds, saunas and other activities that might raise your body temperature.

- Before getting any beauty treatment, tell the professional serving you that you are pregnant.

- Remember, any chemical substance in direct contact with your skin can go through and get into your bloodstream (and it might affect your baby).

- Harsh chemicals can also be absorbed by your lungs and get into your bloodstream. If there are going to be any chemicals in the room, make sure it is properly ventilated.

This being said, the opinions on what may or may not harm you and your baby are very varied, and we can’t stress this enough: always consult your doctor.

Look beautiful even while being pregnant!

If you are used to wearing lotions on your face to keep it clean, young and beautiful, make sure the ones you are using during pregnancy are made with natural ingredients. Avoid any treatment with retinoids (chemical compounds used in case of acne and other skin problems). Also remember your skin is much more sensitive during the first months of pregnancy, and if you are going to apply any sort of treatment in a large area of your skin, make sure you try it first in a smaller area and watch for a negative response.

Waxing and depilation are one of the most common beauty treatments in women, and it’s important to remember how sensitive a woman’s skin gets while she is pregnant (especially the first months). This is why we recommend you waxing with a professional to avoid harming your skin, even if you’ve done it yourself all your life.

The dilemma of coloring your hair… This is a never-ending debate that always concludes with the same decision: when in doubt, try to avoid it. Hair dye has harsh chemical compounds that may harm your baby, but there are some brands “suitable” for pregnant women. On the other hand, if you are thinking about getting highlights and nothing more, let your stylist know you are pregnant and ask him to avoid contact of any chemicals directly with your scalp.

We invite all moms, and moms-to-be to come to A Better You and get any beauty treatments with us, we guarantee a safe environment and a professional service.

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