Three tips to own up your feminine side (even more!)

Sometimes it’s OK to feel like lying bed and doing nothing. Or feeling like you don’t fit in a changing world where being a woman is defined by trends, concepts and stereotypes. Yet, here are some tips to make you enjoy your femininity as you like, without sacrificing your personality!

  1. Your hair is your business card!

Braids can make you look put-together and very feminine. And curls can give you a wild, yet spontaneous look. But the most important thing is having an up-do or a haircut that makes you feel comfortable, and something you can easily maintain.

2. Make-up your canvas!

Here, we’re talking about your face. We understand that make-up can be something overwhelming at first, but once you master the essentials and find what you like and looks good on you, you’re ready to rule the world! For example, some essentials could be: BB cream instead of foundation, so your skin looks more natural, some concealer in your problematic areas, like dark circles or red marks; some lip gloss or lip tint for that natural and pinky glow on your lips. This are some suggestions, but the possibilities are endless. Make-up is a form of expression, so have fun doing it!

3. It’s all about attitude!

Like we mentioned before, there are days when you feel like a couch potato, and you know what? That’s OK! Allow yourself one of those days. But next… Stand up straight and own your day! Even if you’re going through some hardships, or you’re simply not in the mood, walk with your head high and stay strong. Your attitude is always the most attractive quality a woman can have.

When you own these three qualities, you can easily have the world in your hands! Do you have any other suggestions? Tell us on our social media, on Facebook as ABetterYou and on Instagram as @ABetterYouStudio.

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