Looking Gorgeous on Valentine’s Day

The most romantic day of the year is around the corner, and we’re pretty sure you’re already planning your look for that special date. We want you to look and feel gorgeous on this Valentine’s Day. This is why we bring you five top options you can choose from (even mix between them) to achieve the most romantic style and leave your date with his/her mouth open. So, choose wisely among these powerful weapons, and may the odds be ever in your heart’s favor!

  1. Look #1: since half-ups are trending, spice it up by making it wavy. You can choose between doing a half-up with a bun or with a pony tail, and you can even add a hair clip that matches your outfit. Combine this hairstyle with a nude eye makeup, thin, black eyeliner, and dark lips (purple or wine).

  2. Look #2: if you’d rather have all your hair pulled up, then use a side bun, which is like a regular bun, but closer to the back of your neck. For this hairstyle, use big earrings and a necklace. As for your makeup, you can wear smoky eyes, with a thick cat eye, and a matte lipstick (pink or cherry red).

  3. Look #3: for a wilder look, you can leave your hair loose and have some soft waves on it. You won’t need big earrings, nor hair clips, just your hair. As for makeup, with this hairstyle it’s better if you keep it simple on the eyes (nude eye shadow), with a thick cat eye, and a soft pink lipstick. With this look, it’s important not to forget about blushing, it’s important to match it with your lips for an extra lighting on your face.

  4. Look #4: if you’re having a surprise date and don’t know how formal you should look, then braiding your hair is always great option. Choose your favorite type of braid, they all work at any type of event. For makeup, your eye shadow should match your outfit (especially if you’re wearing a neutral or jewel-tone one), wear thin eyeliner, and a neutral lipstick.

  5. Look #5: for a more explicit hairstyle, you can build a heart out of your hair by braiding it. Since the center of attention is your hairstyle, use a nude eye shadow, very thin eyeliner, and a nude or cherry red lipstick.

Doing these hairstyles and makeup by yourself can take a lot of time. Besides, the professionals know techniques to make them last longer. You can have them made at A Better You for the dream Valentine’s Day look! Contact us to book your appointment in advance.

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