Our favorite trends are getting to a whole new level this 2017!

Fancy, glittery, colorful, pale, funky, smoky, decolored, gothic… We can go on all day, there are so many styles, each more unique than the next, and trust us when we tell you… 2017 is your year to get creative since all our favorite trends have now been perfected. Thanks to “A Better You” you will be able to express your personality with a great makeup and unique nail styles.

There’s no limit on what we can do makeup-wise. A woman’s face is a blank, unique canvas where we love to create, and we are sure you will love 2017’s trends.

  1. The Truly Red Lips: the timeless classic.

  2. The Gothic Lips: violet, dark purple & black, regardless of the tone of your skin, this is something you need to try.

  3. Pastel and Bright Pink Lips: innocent looking lips, like a child’s.

  4. The Rainbow-Colored Eyes: this is one of our favorites, so bold and diverse. Don’t be afraid of color.

  5. Graphic Black Eyes: thick black lines give unique personality to anyone’s face.

  6. The Smoking Appeal: deepness in the eyes makes an unforgettable look. A must in any woman’s repertoire.

  7. The Statement Liners: fun shapes, small black lines below the eyes or colorful and funky details.

  8. The Eyes Devoid of Makeup: big eyes with nothing else added other than the charm of a great look, used with dark-colored lips and natural thick eyebrows.

  9. The Touch of Glitter: some extra shine for your eyes. We love it on our clothing and on our shoes, and apparently on our faces and hair too.

  10. The Bleached Brows: sounds like a long shot for now, but it’s starting to grow strong in the fashion business.

Nails are essential to complete an outfit, and this next season they could even be the center of it all, with ostentatious new ideas and creative new looks:

  1. Darkest of Dark Polishes: dark and shiny or dark and matte.

  2. Slivers of Silver: luxurious and elegant, silver is here to stay.

  3. Swarovski & Rhinestone Embellishments: bright crystals for your nails, they will almost become the center of your outfit.

  4. Glitter Manicure Is Your Best Friend: shimmers and glitter everywhere, shoes, handbags… nails.

  5. Add in Some Lines: horizontal or vertical lines will complete a beautiful manicure.

  6. The Not So French Manicure: personality at the edge of your nails.

  1. Dual Tone Manicures: adding a second hue usually means a more beautiful finish.

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