Care Tips: Men’s Long Hair and Beard

Since a long time ago, we’ve seen how more and more men decide to grow their beard and wear their hair long. A guy with the perfect beard and the perfect hair is just irresistible. However, if not taken care of properly, a guy can look sloppy, making the sexy trend a very unsexy look. Beard is the equivalent of makeup in men: keep it clean, neat, and trendy. This is why we’ve decided to give you a list of tips for grown beard and long hair to be on pointe.

Tips for long beard:

  1. Keep your face moisturized and healthy with the right products. We recommend you to use coconut oil, it’s natural, it smells good, and it’s completely washable.

  2. Fight the itch. Some skins fight against facial hair with an awful itch, the key is to fight it back with shampoo and moisturizers until it eventually adapts to your new look.

  3. Let it grow before trimming. Shaping and trimming your beard too early is a common mistake. Let it go wild for a couple of months before even considering its shape.

  4. Shape it up. Once you’ve grown your facial hair and no longer feel itchy, then it’s time to reach the razor. Look up for trendy styles and get to your nearest beauty salon to shape it up if you don’t dare doing it yourself.

Tips for long hair:

  1. Get the right tools. Not all types of hair use the same ones. If you’re going for long hair, you’ll want to buy a wide-tooth comb and a hair brush with natural bristles. Also, if you’re going for a male bun or a ponytail, get some hair bands.

  2. Shampoo and condition daily. Find out which type of hair you have first and then buy the right products. This is key to keeping your hair clean and healthy.

  3. Dry carefully. Towel drying can be very damaging for men’s hair. When not done properly it might create tangles, causing damage in the cuticle, frizziness, and split ends. The proper way to dry your hair with a towel is by shaking out the excess of water and stroking your hair in the direction it grows.

  4. Trim regularly. Split ends are the main reason why long hair can look dull. The only way to get rid of them is by trimming your hair regularly. We recommend a haircut every 3 to 4 months, this will also keep its shape.

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