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Each one of us has special traits that define our physical aspect. When it comes to the face, there are even different types of shapes. Depending on your chin, forehead, cheeks, your face can have one shape or another. This is why we don’t all pull off the same haircuts, some look better on us than others. The point of getting the perfect hairstyle is for it to highlight our positive traits and hide our not-so-positive ones. Here are the best hairstyles according to the shape of your face. So, next time you go to the salon you’ll know exactly what to ask for.

- Round face: the best is a short haircut that keeps your hair close to your face and layered bangs, rather than straight or wavy. If you go for a long style, then add bangs and a graduated shag or layers.

- Oval face: with this shape you can pull off almost every haircut. You can go from messy curls, which are perfect to add shape to an oval face, to soft straight curtains with some volume on the top. If you prefer a shorter hair, you can go with short, choppy layers.

- Square face: it’s the perfect face shape to go for extremely long hair, several inches above your shoulder. You can also go for a short hair, a soft, layered bob will just do it. However, stay away from straight, blunt, and thick bangs. Pixie cuts, long layered styles, and curly hair below the jawline can also work for you.

- Heart face: for a short cut try a chin-length bob with tapered ends. Use side-swept, wispy bangs with any haircut. Avoid hairstyles that give too much height to your crown and also ponytails.

- Long face: long hair is the best for long faces, just add layers in the cheekbones or start them below the chin. Avoid a haircut that ends on your chin, it should go beyond it. Try gentle, side-swept bangs to help shorten your face.

- Diamond face: show your cheekbones by tucking your hair behind your ears. You can wear a classic bob cut with a little fullness at the bottom or try a layered cut with flipped-out ends. Avoid short bangs.

If you don’t know which shape your face is, don’t worry. A Better You’s stylists will help you determine the best hairstyle depending on your face!

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