Mani-Pedi for the Win!

A manicure is always the perfect way to relax your hands, and a pedicure the perfect way to relax your body. Hands do most of our work all day long. Home chores, computer typing, cooking, eating, even talking! We use our hands all the time. Feet, instead, are in charge of keeping us on the walk. Your mere existence is held on your feet. When we rush to work, exercise, or party, our feet are the ones who work the most.

Since our hands and feet give us so much on our daily routine, they deserve (and you deserve) a special treatment to relax them and relax your whole body. At A Better You we use the best mani-pedi techniques to make sure and give them the right attention.

All manicures and pedicures include nail shaping and buffing, cuticle grooming, hand moisturizing, and polish of your choice. However, if you’re of those who say “go long or go home”, then you’ll want a more extensive treatment. We have some options for you:

  1. Special Hot Towel Manicure and Pedicure: it includes exfoliation and hydration treatment for the hands.

  2. Luxury Hot Spa Towel Manicure and Pedicure: exfoliation and hydration treatment of the hand with an intense hand and arm massage.

  3. Shellac Manicure and Pedicure: for a flawless result.

Also, A Better You offers warm paraffin treatments for hands and feet, which will hydrate your skin and heal your joint pains. Get the best of you at A Better You and let your body shine!

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