5 reasons to have your makeup done by a pro

Sometimes we think that watching tutorials on Youtube is enough to achieve unsurpassed makeup. What many don’t know is that the real industry professionals follow a path to guarantee its customers a good makeup, one that is only achieved with years of experience, not only a few days practice.

Today we want to share with you five reasons to get your makeup done by a professional. Find out how much you’ll get from that decision!

–Use of quality products: professional makeup artists have a wide variety of products to suit the tastes, needs and styles of its customers. In addition, their experience gives them the necessary knowledge to choose one brand over another for their quality and durability.

–Experience: Professional makeup artists have years of experience; from their training stage to the period of practice, they make sure to refine their techniques for their work to be as flawless as possible.

–Counseling: During the makeup session, pros know what makeup is best for the customer’s face type; they know what colors suit her best according to skin tone; they suggest excellent quality products and offer tips for everyday makeup. This type of information can only be given by people who know about the subject!

–Care in the application: Only those with experience know what product to use and how to apply it. Your face is a very important area, that’s why you have to handle it carefully! Professionals know the order of application of each makeup product to turn the canvas of your face into the best masterpiece without harm.

–Technique: Professional makeup artists improve their technique over the years. They know every tool and how to use it; they know the name of every area of ​​your face and, accordingly, finely apply a particular product. Practice makes perfect!

You can rest assured that at A Better You you’ll find professionals who can make your makeup the best there is. Trust the specialists and leave it in our hands!

there is. Trust the specialists and leave it in our hands!

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