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For many men hair starts to recede and thin at an alarming rate. Some of them resort to keep their hair short and combed forwards to try and cover up the pale, exposed areas of scalp. The whole experience can be very depressing and low their self-esteem.

Rather than just accept it, men can fight to get back their lost hair. There are beauty tricks and routines which allow everyone to enhance what they naturally have, whether it’s more length, texture or some added volume to master the art of the perfect hairstyle.

Most men don’t even know this is an option, but hair extensions are an instant - yet subtle - way to add volume to thin, fine hair. This product is crossing over the fiercely policed beauty gender divide. If it works so well for women, why not for men too? It’s a huge boost of confidence, and if women are willing to shell out for the procedure, there’s not any reason why men shouldn’t.

If you are a man who thinks hair extensions are just for women, chunky, heavy, glue-laden, not good for your hair, and look fake, we got some news, these days this is no longer the case. Hair extensions for men have really moved on over the past few years and now there are new types of extensions, methods and techniques that offer a fantastic results using real hair for men as well as for women.

As you can see by the images, hair extensions for men are really possible for those who are looking for a little help in the hair department to add volume to hair while remaining invisible to the eye. It could be an amazing transformation for you to feel more confident

Keep in mind that each treatment should be carefully considered to take into account the individual’s hair type. You should start with a general consultation to ensure the treatment will have longevity and will work for you. But no matter the process you do have to be careful, because aftercare is of the utmost importance if you want the hair to last.

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