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Don’t let your hair look and feel like it’s been through a drought. If your hair is dry it means that your scalp isn’t producing enough natural oil to moisturize your hair. Changes that occur inside your body like hormone levels and diet can affect the moisture and overall quality of your hair. Your environment can also take a toll on your hair’s health; from scorching heat to rough winds, to air conditioners and radiators, high temperatures strip strands of their natural moisture. Dry hair can lead to hair loss and dandruff. This is why you need to treat dry hair as soon as possible.

Hydrated and moisturized hair is happy hair. Moisturizing the hair involves the use of emollients like butters and oils to lock water content into the hair, while hydrating the hair involves the use of humectants, proteins, amino acids, and certain vitamins to aid in the absorption and binding of water to the hair. So be careful to look for the right products to get the results that you’re looking for.

Take good care of your hair to prevent it from drying out or to get that beautiful hair back. We put together the ultimate list of best tips to keep your hair healthy. Here they are:

  • Use products specifically formulated for the problem. Be sure to use a shampoo that is specifically designed for dry hair.

  • Avoid products containing high levels of alcohol, which will dry out your hair even further.

  • You really can’t use too much conditioner; it is a dry hair’s best friend.

  • Use a deep treatment once a week to regain moisture, strength and gloss. Deep conditioners are normally left on your hair for 15-30 minutes to penetrate the hair strands and follicles.

  • Switch to a richer conditioner in cold weather months and add a weekly deep conditioning treatment to your hair care routine.

  • Eat foods with adequate proteins and omega 3 fatty acids like salmon, flaxseeds and walnuts, which will feed the scalp where hair follicles are most receptive and active.

  • Wear a cute hat or scarf over your hair when you’re in the sun or in harsh environmental conditions.

  • If you are going to be in the sun with your hair exposed, look for leave-in sprays that offer UV protection.

  • Never brush your hair when it’s wet. Wet hair is delicate and vulnerable and can easily be torn or broken with the bristles of a hairbrush.

  • Start at the bottom and gently work your way up to the top to detangle

  • Brush your hair thoroughly twice a day to distribute the oils from the scalp down the hair shaft. It also stimulates the scalp, increasing the natural oils for extra shine while helping to remove dirt and damaging particles from the hair.

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